What type of castle would suit me?
Contact us and we will ask you few simple questions and recommend the best choice for you.


What theme of castle should I choose?
We have many different themes to suit different age groups, personalities, and individual requirements. Call us and we will recommend the best castle to suit you.


Can I use your castles in rain?
Yes, all our castles come with rain covers.


Can I put a bouncy castle on concrete?
Yes, we can provide a sandbags to hold the castle down.


How early do I have to book to guarantee a castle for delivery?
The earlier you book, the more choice of castles you will have, hovewer we recommend to book one week in advance. (Please note in busy periods more time in advance may be required)


When are your busy periods?
Any time between April and June.


How much does it cost?
Price will vary depending on size of the castle, starting from as little as 60 euro per day. Please call us for free quote.


Are you insured?